Environment Conservation

Principle 10 of the URI Charter calls on its membership to act from sound ecological practices to protect and preserve the Earth for both present and future generations.”

We understand this to mean living in peaceful relationship with the natural world, behaving justly within the human family and the larger community of life, and working to heal the damage done to the earth’s ecological systems by defending and protecting them for the generations to come. We do therefore use our diverse religious backgrounds, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions therefore to promote healing for the earth and all living beings.

URI-GL is implementing a nation-wide capacity building program for religious leaders and all community leaders to promote environmental health programs that include skills training in energy saving alternatives, commemoration of the global environment day, composition of environmental related songs and tree planting campaigns that is geared at awakening and stimulating grassroots participation and concern.

In schools URI-GL has embarked on a schools environmental campaign through practical programs like debates, poems plus art and culture.

With support from the URI Global environmental Satellite Program and environmental like minded organizations, URI–GL works with communities to transform the environment for the better. These programs are spear headed by our CC memberships in the respective areas.

Globally we are actively exploring ways to realize our commitments more fully. This includes speaking as one global voice on issues that affect the entire planet, as well as supporting environmental actions by Cooperation Circles in their own locations.