Human Rights and Justice

Faith groups by default are the custodians of justice or fairness.  The golden Rule that embodies extracts from the various faith traditions, calls on all human beings to treat the other the way they want to be treated. This to can’t be achieved without the total respect for individual human rights that are inherent. The respect for human rights continues to be a challenge at all levels. This starts from our homes, community, places of work to national and international levels. Our different spiritual teachings call for fairness and respect for humanity. This therefore is a major focus in URI-GL’s implementation strategies. To achieve this we implement programs focusing on:-

  • Working with grassroots communities to live meaningfully and access the potentials of life in fairness.
    • Human rights and legal empowerment of communities
    • Engaging policy makers to highlight grassroots human rights struggles.
    • Empowerment of women and communities in issues pertaining to Gender Based Violence, parenting and economic justice.
  • Advocating and practicing religious and spiritual values that promote justice in families, the community and at national and international levels.