Peace Building

This action area brings together URI’s network of peace-builders to make a positive difference in the world. We all share the intention to have compassion for one another and to treat others as we would be treated. 

Peace Building is therefore a central component in all the work that we do. Our programs bare a lot of emphasis on Conflict Resolution through Mediation, negotiation and Reconciliation in order to nurture harmony and progress in our society. URI-GL imbues norms and values of peaceful co- existence among religions, cultures and desires healing for the earth and all living beings thus the call to end all forms of violence and social injustices that limit individual and social liberties. URI-GL’s conflict resolution programmes focus on addressing electoral related violence, land conflicts, equity in the ownership and control of natural resources, ending domestic and gender based violence among others. To achieve this URI-GL therefore implements a spectrum of peace activities which include:-

  • Organizing dialogue meetings between community members, religious leaders and key stake holders to discuss matters pertaining to peace and non violence in the community.
  • Conduct mediation programs through community dialogues on land based conflicts.
  • Engage policy actors at local and national levels to highlight issues of policy based on grassroots people’s needs and aspirations.
  • Mediate and enforce equity programs in the ownership and control of natural resources.
  • Carrying out research and surveys in relation to peace and religion.
  • Promote electoral non violence campaigns and value based democracies.
  • Training of Peace Ambassadors in different areas to spearhead peace programs in their respective areas.
  • Commemoration of the International Peace Day and other such related days.