Our Members

URI-GL has both group and individual membership. Group membership is composed of coalitions commonly known as Cooperation Circles (CCs).  These CCs comprise of people from different religious backgrounds, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions who uphold the virtue of non violence, the respect for lives and the need for peace in their communities
Cooperation Circles range in size from a minimum of seven members to tens of thousands, representing at least three faiths or spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions that  subscribe to the shared vision outlined in the URI’s Charter.
On the other hand, individual membership has individuals that support and uphold the values of URI as expressed in the preamble, purpose and principles of URI.
These offer expertise, project cooperation, interfaith excellence, wisdom and other contributions but may not necessarily be active in Cooperation Circles.
These membership include


  1. Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative CC
  2. Affinet CC
  3. Body and Soul Development CC
  4. Friends of Community Health CC
  5. Inter-religious dialogue programme CC
  6. Interfaith Youth Partnership CC
  7. Latter Glory of Religions in Busoga CC
  8. Living Water Ministries CC
  9. Pamoja CC
  10. Peace Kawomera Cooperation Limited CC
  11. Twekolere Woman’s Development Association CC
  12. Universal Ministries Uganda CC
  13. Youth interfaith Mission Uganda CC


  1. Rwanda Evil Fighters Through Talents CC


  1. Initiative Pour le Development Integre CC
  2. Rift Valley Peace Initiative &integrated development  CC

DRC Congo:

  1. Congolese Association for the salvation and the life CC